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Idea and Story

Hearttosee is a photographic series that captures hearts formed coincidentally by nature and human beings. All of the hearts are unique and impermanent, one-time snapshots that remind us that love surrounds us everywhere – we simply need to open our eyes to see it.

The heart images, found all over the world, will be sold in moving exhibitions for a limited amount of time; a portion of proceeds will benefit initiatives that foster love and compassion, mainly focusing on the health and well-being of children.


The Heart Story

„The very first heart that crossed my path surprised me when I had just had my own heart broken. It was in 2010 while I was hiking in the Rigi (Swiss Alps) when I saw the first heart along the trail and nearly stepped on it. I decided to take a photo.

Shortly thereafter I became aware that I was surrounded by hearts: created by pedestrians stepping on chewing gum, construction workers leaving debris at their construction sites, collaborations between nature and its elements or sheer coincidences.

I don’t always know who or how these hearts were created or how long they will last. Like the love that the hearts have come to signify, they are surprising and maybe even fleeting, but they change everyone who is fortunate enough to experience them.“ Sandra Baron (Founder)