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Partner of Hearts

“Partner of Hearts” are companies that express their social responsibility through supporting us, long or short-term.

Get to know our Partner of Hearts and learn more about why they support us:

cuorevita®  founded in 2009, is a rare kind of pharmacy that has a holistic approach to healthcare based on orthomolecular medicine. They offer personalized health concepts based on each individual’s health concerns.

“We support Hearttosee because giving something back to humanity through your own choices and acting accordingly is very rewarding to me.” (Ilse Kravack)

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Sirius Facilities GmbH has created more than 30 innovative business parks which it operates throughout Germany. Former industrial sites have been repositioned, revitalised and updated. These renovation and modernisation programmes have converted large industrial sites into vibrant business parks offering a balanced mix of commercial premises including offices, conference rooms, storage and production facilities. We view ourselves as a service provider for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our services and commercial properties are precisely tailored to our tenants’ needs, and it is precisely this that makes Sirius so unique among German business parks. “Giving is better than taking, especially if it is a matter of human life. Hearttosee makes the word a little bit better and happier and as Hearttosee-Partner we are glad to be part of this initiative without precedent.”(Kremena Wissel) Further information and news about our business parks: